Sometimes an image pops up and you think, ‘wow, I cannot believe that’, but sometimes, the reaction can’t be so easily predicted.

When this photo emerged online, people instantly had some pretty strong reactions to it. I must admit that at first glance, I had no idea what was wrong.

It wasn’t until I read the tweets in response that I understood what had people so up in arms.

“I’m sure half of you guys don’t even know what’s wrong with this picture. Smh (shake my head),” Twitter user ibi said on the original post.

Many people think the man should be walking on the road side of the footpath, protecting the woman as she walked along the wall-side of the path, and holding her hand.


“He should switch sides with her and hold her hand,” Denzell Lowery commented.

“I think it’s just the ‘gentleman thing’ to do. just like opening doors. some women may not like that, but it doesn’t change,” another said.

While most people are pushing for the chivalrous outcome, some are arguing equality. If women want to be seen as equals to men, should we really expect to be wrapped in cotton wool?

I for one am undecided.

What do you think?

Source: Daily Telegraph