U2 have unveilled the video to “Song for Someone,” the third single from the Songs of Innocence album, following the season premiere of TV drama Rectify on The Sundance Channel in the U.S.

The video stars Woody Harrelson, who is released from prison after years of incarceration, along with his daughter, Zoe Harrelson. Bono tells us, “Woody’s a mate. I love him and I have a proper man crush situation with him.”  The video for “Song for Someone” is more like a short story than a regular video.

While the song was written about Bono’s wife, Ali, he says, “We had this theme going on with our album where [drummer] Larry’s [Mullen] on the cover of our album with his son and because we went into this kind of deep…family relationship connections, … we had an idea [to] get a father and a daughter doing a prison story. It’s about a guy who gets out of prison having not known his daughter all his life.”

Recitfy is a drama series about a man who is released after 19 years on death row.

The U2 video is now posted on The Sundance Channel website.