When you hear the name Whitelion, images of Kimba the White Lion may spring to mind.

However, we’re actually talking about Whitelion Australia – a charity that has done some seriously awesome stuff for the past 20 years, working alongside businesses and other services to support at-risk youth.

What we didn’t know was that, alarmingly, there are up to 36,000 young Aussies who are homeless or sleeping rough right now.

Thing is, you can help them, right now.

Invest In Me is as straight-forward as it sounds – it’s an investment in someone’s future.

And that future isn’t just ‘somewhere down the track’ either.

Some of these youth have had the resilience to survive so much adversity already, that this investment can change their course and improve their lives… yeah, we’re talking immediately.


It seems Kimba The White Lion is no match for the roar of this Whitelion.

For more information, visit https://www.whitelion.asn.au


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