You might have started hearing whispers about an insane Britney Spears documentary that’s started making the rounds, exposing the truth behind Britney Spears and her life story.

Directed by Samantha Stark the documentary will cover in-depth the pop star’s conservatorship, which I’m personally grateful for because I feel like I don’t understand it at all!

Father Jamie Spears was handed conservatorship after Britney began dealing with major mental health issues that resulted in her hospitalisation in 2008.

The documentary will begin from her childhood and follow her journey to becoming the biggest pop star on the planet and the scrutiny that comes with it.

Whilst the documentary has already hit screens in the United States, people are wondering when Aussie’s will get access to it.

Thankfully the Nine Network has swooped in to save the day and will be premiering the doco on the 2nd of March at 9pm right after MAFS!

So set a reminder because it’s gonna be a big night of TV!