It’s something we’ve all wondered.. where on earth does all the beautiful creations and pantry full of veggies we see on Masterchef go if not tested by George, Matt or Gary? 

Do the camera crew eat it? Do the contestants? Or do the judges just decide they’ll try it all? 

Well the secrets out! Masterchef sends the bulk of the fresh produce seen in the HUGE pantry to SecondBite, a charity that provides fresh, nutritious food for people in need across Australia! 

A small portion of the ingredients that aren’t used by contestants are also used for recipe testing for the Masterchef website. 

An even smaller portion of the rest of the food goes home with the contestants so they can practice and test ideas. 

Once the leftovers are pooled together from all sources, SecondBite rescues enough food to provide close to 40,000 meals every day for the people who need it most around Australia.

What a lovely thing to know while watching next time.