That’s the idea behind the latest video from Australian comedy group Collective Noun, the young comedians who brought you the hilarious ‘Q & Aaaye’ and ‘Introduction to Brisbane’ clips.

“Gym culture has been a big part of our social media feeds for a while now and we thought it was time to encourage people to be serious about something more serious than working out,” Dom Fay, 22, from Collective Noun told

The Brisbane-based group is made up of three comedians — Fay, Sam Borgert, 22, Zach Mander, 25 — and filmmaker Michael Parente, 20.

“We all rocked up one day to film and we were all in our pyjamas, because we’re pretty lazy, and the idea came from there,” Mr Fay said.

“If there’s one thing everyone can agree on it’s that we all sleep. Working out is hard, sleep isn’t. You don’t need any protein powder or to go on any fitness regimen to get a good eight hours.”

The video parodies the hardcore workout and #fitspo culture often seen on social media.

“Yeah my goal is just to be like, really well rested for festival season. I reckon I’m going to be the least tired guy at Stereo [Stereosonic] this year,” quips one guy in the clip.


Another says: “I’ve been following this Instagram account with all these different sleep positions — side, back, pillow between your legs … such good inspo hey.”

On average, Australians get 7.22 hours of sleep a night, according to a recent survey from the Sleep Foundation. But a third of those surveyed said they had a sleep disorder, while 23 per cent said they didn’t get enough sleep.

Australasia Sleep Association’s President-elect Dr Maree Barnes says not getting enough sleep can have significant health consequences.

“We would love it if people decided to make some changes in their lives,” Dr Barnes said. “It’s not always easy, but as adults we tend to take our sleep for granted.

“Perhaps it’s OK when you’re young and robust, but it doesn’t lead to the development of good sleep patterns and it can become a significant issue later on.”

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