The Rolling Stones took part in their first ever Twitter Q&A, revealing a host of entertaining facts about the band.

The chat, hosted from their official Twitter account, saw them answering questions from fans using the hashtag #AskTheStones.

It was hosted by Edna Gundersen, a rock music writer, critic and former USA Today pop music critic.

Drummer Charlie Watts kicked off proceedings answering a few questions.

Watts revealed he does not own a mobile phone or have his own Twitter account, and that seeing Mick Jagger’s backside is “one of the finest views in the country”.

He seemed bemused by the fact that the hashtag #CharliestoocoolforTwitter was trending within minutes.


When asked by @LPSmith24 if he has a favourite live album by the Stones, he replied: “Have I got one? No. I don’t no, not really. I like other people’s live albums, I never listen to my own things.”

He laughed when asked by @leeknot “Are you sick of seeing Mick’s arse after all these years?” “No. (Laughs.) It’s one of the finest views in the country.”

Gundersen asked about his view from the stage, but he said he is often too busy playing to look at the view.

@Stonesdjenje asked him about loving horses, but wondered if he could ride one. He revealed: “My wife is the one who has horse and I don’t ride, no. Through her I am passionate about them, we have a lot we have about 300. So we don’t have horses, we have herds of horses and they are very beautiful.”

He also revealed that to this day he still gets butterflies before and when performing, saying: “Even if I played in a bar with two people at it, just sitting at the drums gives me butterflies.”

Up next was Ronnie Wood who was happy to talk about his hair and joining the band back in the day.


@mickjagswag asked: “Did you know what you were getting yourself into when you joined the stones? #askthestones” “Yeah I think I did. I bumped into a few, um, a few occasions Mick, Charlie and Keith (Richards), but, I more or less knew what I was getting into. When I made my first solo album in 1974, Keith came over for one evening and stayed for four months so I knew that was going to be the start of a good friendship. Mick came over and we actually prepared It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll there in my basement, in Richmond.”

Woods revealed his musical influences are Mozart and Chuck Berry, and that he used to collect beer mats, and now collects lighters. @twogun69 asked about his hair: “How do you keep your hair looking so good playing for two and a half hours on stage? It’s fantastic! #HairBodyguard” He laughed and replied: “My hair is the biggest gift anyone could ever be born with. I cut it almost every day because it’s hard to tame, like my nails they keep growing so fast, like my hair, it grows so fast.”

When asked by @SeamusMcRock if he had to share a room with another member of the band for one night, who would it be, he said: “That’s not really a challenging question I’ve done that with everyone in the band. I used to do it all the time with Rod Stewart, we used to have some good times. But with this band, Keith and me we are like book ends and we can live in a cupboard together if we had to.”

Jagger took the hot seat next and revealed the secret to keeping his voice so strong is karaoke.

He said: “Practise! You have to do it, you have to do warm ups and look after yourself. There’s a regiment, you do a warm up before the show and before the tour starts I do a month of rehearsing. So every day I have to do a regiment and after a couple of weeks of that I do karaoke – solo karaoke, but not in a smoke-filled room.”

Jagger revealed he is watching Game Of Thrones but is a season behind, and joked that Wood definitely watches it because he “watches every TV series ever known”.


Holding up a vinyl he revealed what fans can look forward to with the re-release of their classic album, Sticky Fingers.

He revealed that among the many extras is a track with Eric Clapton playing Brown Sugar on someone’s birthday.

Jagger reminisced about the late B.B King and playing with him in Madison Square Gardens and a few years ago at The White House in the USA.

Explaining the meaning behind Moonlight Mile, which a fan revealed they had named their dog after, he said: “It’s about being a bit lonesome on the road, it’s a lonesome road and how being on the road for too long, it’s bad and wistful and all of those things. I wrote it in London in my house and I was just playing… it’s a wistful tune.”

Jagger gave a nod to Jay Z, listing him as one of his favourite rappers.

Talking about the Sticky Fingers album cover, which featured a real zip and was the brainchild of Andy Warhol, he revealed that to this day, they are still not sure whose jeans are depicted on the cover.


Last but not least Richards was up to answer questions. He said rehearsals have ‘been amazing’ and spoke about his favourite memory making Sticky Fingers.

He said: “I guess, finishing it! It took a while to work on, but there are so many really, I’m only kidding. Each track has certain memories and you remember who was there and when my guitar fell apart in the middle of Brown Sugar or something. But overall I just have a really good recollection of those sessions and the time, it was a good ‘un.”

When a fan asked Richards if he could teach him the secret to immortality, he replied: “I ain’t there yet! So far so good. I think a clean and healthy life, plenty of exercise, go to church on a Sunday.”

He said his advice to his 20-year-old self would be to “get ready for a pretty fast ride.” He also commented that American music is the “greatest thing America has given the world”.

Richards also remembered the late BB King, saying: “Sad loss, man. One of the greats, I mean, beautiful style and BB was a great guy. He was one of the true gentlemen and I shall miss him a lot. What can you say now, at least we have his records and farewell BB.”