Aussies have terrible road rage. All too often we see motorists shouting at drivers who cut them off, but where does all that anger really stem from?

That’s what the boys from Brisbane-based comedy group Collective Noun try to answer in this hilarious video called Honest Road Rage.

Here’s how the exchange between the two fictional drivers begins:

Road Rager #1: “This age of entitlement we live in has given me the false impression that my time is more important than your time.”

Road Rager #2: “I’ve realised that I’ve made a mistake, but I don’t want to admit that because I don’t want to look vulnerable.”

Road Rager #1: “Well, now I’m escalating this situation because I never had positive role models to demonstrate effective conflict resolution.”

Road Rager #2: “Well, I’m not going to back down either because I have underlying insecurities that I don’t live up to what my Dad considered to be a ‘real man’.”


Road Rager #1: “Well I’m threatening violence for the same reason! [raises fists]”

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