The headline isn’t fair because Brendan Fraser’s already had the role of a lifetime in ‘The Mummy’…

… and ‘George of the Jungle’…

But that’s neither here nor there because he’s back with his third role of a lifetime after taking a long step back from the limelight, which is where he’s born to be.

Back in 2018, the actor alleged that he had received sexual harassment from a former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in 2003, through GQ.

The actor revealed this abuse was the main factor in his choice to “retreat” from Hollywood stardom, saying “it made me feel reclusive.”

But the man himself is coming back in a major way, teaming up with famous director Darren Aronofsky for a screen-adaptation of critically acclaimed play ‘The Whale.’

Darren Aronofsky is the mastermind behind Black Swan and the team will reportedly be working with A24 studios who created the likes of Moonlight, Hereditary and Uncut Gems!


So far so good… incredible actor, incredible director and incredible production studio but let’s talk about this incredible play that’s to be adapted.

Written by Samuel D. Hunter, ‘The Whale’ follows the story of an incredibly overweight man called Charlie, who has become a complete recluse and is ‘eating himself to death’ in the loneliness of his apartment.

With Fraser named for the role of Charlie, a man desperate to break his cycle and reconnect with life, it’s going to be tears galore in that cinema and I KNOW our beloved Brendan will absolutely crush the role.

Playwright, Samuel Hunter will be adapting the play to the screen himself so it’s going to be done to justice for those that have already experienced the story live.

So strap in for the new era of Brendan Fraser, something I could only have dreamt of before 2021.