Incredibly popular hospital drama ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has had to halt production due to the coronavirus pandemic, and as a result it looks like we won’t bet getting the last four episodes of season 16.

The long-running series was reportedly in the midst of filming season 16 when production had to be halted as the coronavirus pandemic continued to spread, meaning that the final four episodes were never filmed.

And according to Vulture, they don’t plan on resuming filming on the series when it’s safe to do so!

That means that season 16 will be cut short and we’ll miss out on four drama filled episodes!

Luckily Grey’s Anatomy has been renewed for a 17th season so no doubt the storyline will be picked up and continued from where season 16 leaves off, but we’ll constantly be wondering whether we missed out on anything or if they changed anything!

This also means that the ‘finale’ episode will actually be episode number 21 instead of number 25 this season and is just two episodes away.


This airs in the US on April 9.

Let’s hope it still answers all our questions! And if it doesn’t, that they do the fans justice and answer them in Season 17!

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