A weather presenter in Minneapolis channelled the quirky Anchorman character, when live on air he reached for his collar and yanked out a wire coat hanger.

Steve Frazier began his broadcast for Fox 9 in Minneapolis earlier this week like any other.

“The chill is letting up but the chill is not completely gone,” Frazier said.

Then he felt something tight against his upper back.

“I’m sorry,” he said, reaching for his collar.

“Have you got a kink in the neck,” his co-host asked?

Frazier, shocked at what he found, pulled out the hangar and threw it on the desk. Like a good meteorologist, he knew the show must go on. The only problem was that by that point his co-hosts were in hysterics.


“I, I, I, I thought it was just the tight … but … never mind, can we just go to the weather!” Frazier said.

Clearly rattled, Frazier started with “here we have some clouds coming down from the south”. I’m no meteorologist, but do things generally come down from the south?

Moments later he felt the need to explain and diffuse the increasingly-embarrassing situation.

“Let me tell you the story. I went to the gym today and this suit was fitting tight and I couldn’t figure out why. I must’ve put it on a little too quick. It felt weird (but) I noticed it when it was a little too late.”