This morning Channel 10 announced their new Bachelor, and despite all the rumours going around, it was a real blindside to find out that Locky Gilbert from Survivor would be our leading man handing out roses this season.

Following the announcement, Locky joined the Jonesy & Amanda for one of his first interviews ahead of starting this journey to find true love.

As Survivor fans, we couldn’t help but bring up his relationship with Brooke Jowett on the show where the two were inseparable. From the perspective of a viewer, they were the perfect couple.

But, unfortunately, it didn’t last.

“The thing with Survivor is that we filmed five or six months ago, and on the show you need somebody to confide in, and Brooke was that person,” he told Jonesy & Amanda.

“Me and Brooke had each other.”

Click ‘PLAY’ below to hear what happened to Locky and Brooke’s relationship: