Being a royal family member, there has been no shortage of conspiracy theories around Prince Harry.

One of the more controversial theories that has been doing the rounds online calls into question whether or not Harry is even Charles’s real son.

Okay, maybe that’s not as controversial of a take as suggesting that the Queen is a shape-shifting reptile or that Prince Charles is a vampire, but still.

With many online pointing to photos of Prince Harry’s supposed real father, Diana’s riding instructor James Hewitt and their supposed likeness.

A recently resurfaced photo of a young Prince Philip might just blow that whole idea out of the water.


The image, shared online by Getty Image photographer Chris Jackson shows Prince Philip on the cover of a vintage copy of Paris Match magazine.

And the resemblance is…well, they look pretty darn related in our eyes, which was the sentiment echoed by just about every person commenting on the photo.

“Looks like Harry”, wrote one user in response, with another chiming in: “I’ve always thought Harry resembles this grandfather, and this photo is proof why.”

What do you think? Is young Prince Philip a spitting image of Prince Harry? Or is it just a ginger-haired man with a beard wearing a uniform?

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