It goes without saying that this content is not for the faint-of-heart – or weak-of-stomach.

Just when we were starting to get over our near-vom reaction to seeing any of those Dr Pimple Popper videos, a brand new disgusting fetish has smashed YouTube and no, we’re not OK about it.

They’re called umboliths – or naval stones – and this woman has just videoed herself digging one out of her sister.

It’s exactly as gross as you’re imagining.

“[Nine] months ago my sister noticed something in her belly button, but thought nothing of it,” Jamie Davis wrote alongside the video. “Saturday I noticed something that looked like hair hanging out of her belly button.”


“She resisted, but I got in there realising that it was much more than hair. This is the end product of what we pulled out of her belly button.”



Davis told BuzzFeed News that her sister “felt like her belly button was being turned inside out” and that the whole process “hurt really bad actually.”

An umbolith is a build-up of keratin and sebum that can calcify and turn into a stone; if left untreated it can hang around for YEARS, getting bigger and harder and catching up even more little hairs.


Can everyone PLEASE make a concerted effort to wash their belly buttons from now on?

A quick trip around YouTube reveals PLENTY more umbolith extractions where that came from, which means we’re probably in for a wave of gross AF videos hitting our social media feeds in the coming weeks.

To apologise for introducing the world of umboliths to you, please accept these adorable sausage dogs running, in slow-motion, down a hill while dressed as hot dogs.

We’re so sorry.