Nope, nope, NOPE!

Getting into the water with a shark – whether in a cage or not – is not an easy decision to make for most people.

But when the shark decides to GET IN THE CAGE WITH YOU?!

The incredibly terrifying moment what looks like a great white shark accidentally slams into a shark diving cage has been caught on camera.

Like a scene from a horror movie, you can make out the moment that the diving crew realise the shark is well and truly wedged inside – WITH ONE OF THE DIVERS.


One of the team desperately opens the lid, before running back and forth, ripping his hat off, and waiting to see if the swimmer can get out.

Unbelievably, the SHARK is the first one out; covered in blood, it wildly thrashes back and forth until it finally frees itself.

And the diver? You’ll have to watch the full clip in the link above.

Safe to say we’ll be sticking to the swimming pool this summer.