There was not a dry eye in the house last night when Samuel Johnson performed an emotional tribute to his late sister Connie on Dancing With The Stars.

The 41-year-old paid tribute to Connie with a dance that reflected their life together, and afterwards, Samuel could barely speak.

When Amanda Keller him how he felt, he eventually answered:

‘All the feelings. Can you feel it?’

Amanda asked if he felt he’d achieved his goal of summing up their life Sam simply replied: ‘I reckon’.

Amanda became emotional herself, saying: ‘It’s affected everybody’.

Jonesy & Amanda On Samuel Johnson’s Amazing Performance on DWTS


Earlier in the show, Sam revealed: ‘My memorable year is 2017, the year I lost my sister.’

‘She left this extraordinary legacy for the country. It’s not the cancer that’s making me crying it’s all she did for me. The biggest thing she taught me is that now is awesome and to insist on joy.’

‘I had an extraordinary relationship with my sister over 40 years. We are telling that entire story – the entire relationship, not just a cancer patient. We are condensing time into one minute and we’re going to tell the whole story.’


Connie passed away in 2017.

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