The residents of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are pretty lucky. They get to live in the shadow of the impressive Christ The Redeemer statue, have the beautiful beaches of Copacabana nearby, and have one hell of party come Carnival time. They also are fortunate because they live in a country where sloths are native. That’s right, Brazilians have a chance of encountering the slow, adorable animals as they go about their everyday lives, and that’s just what happened to some people as they drove down a busy street in the popular city.

They were heading down the Rio Santos highway when they noticed two stopped cars with their occupants asking traffic to slow down. It turned out a sloth was trying to cross the road. Rather than wait for the cute creature to lazily makes its way across the street, a good Samaritan picks it up and places it on a tree.

The sloth actually seems to really appreciate the help and after it’s safely holding onto a trunk, it turns around to its rescuer and looks like it even waves goodbye.

Article: Dave Basner

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