The latest episode in AC/DC’s series on the making of its biggest-selling album, Back in Black, focuses on how the band wrote the album’s opening track “Hells Bells.”

The Story of Back in Black debuted last week with rare clips of band members Brian Johnson, Malcolm Young and Angus Young discussing the genesis of “You Shook Me All Night Long.”

Episode 2 opens with Johnson looking back on how the band came up with the first line of the song’s lyrics. The frontman recalled a break from one session in which he watched a storm roll in over their recording studio in the Bahamas.

“It just started thunderin’ right that minute. No lie, it went bah-boom!” Johnson recalled. “And he went, ‘Oh, rolling thunder.’ And it started rainin’ and I went, ‘Pourin’ rain.’ And he went, ‘There you go!'”

As far as the song’s iconic intro, Johnson said Malcolm and Angus wanted something symbolic to reference the new era as a band, following the death of Bon Scott.

“We were talking about the ‘Hells Bells’ intro, it was a really good intro, it was really ominous before anything. Angus had the title, ‘Hells Bells,’ and I was just taking a piss and I just thought, ‘Hang on, why don’t we get a big f—ing bell (Laughs)!”

The clip then cuts to a shot of both Malcolm and Angus, discussing the audience’s early positive response to “Hells Bells.”


“…’Cause we had that big bell with us,” Angus said, referencing one of the band’s most beloved stage props. “It actually came years later that people really kind of went, ‘Hey, that’s a cool tune.”

Check out the episode below.

Article: Andrew Magnotta

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