Dancing With The Stars viewers have slammed the judges for sending former AFL player Travis Cloke home despite Dami Im’s lacklustre final performance.  

Last night’s episode saw Travis and Dami in the bottom two, requiring them to dance again to secure a place in the final six.

After a ‘sudden death’ dance, the three judges had to decide who would stay based purely on that final performance.

Dami struggled through the dance, trying to resist the urge to cry. In contrast, Travis remained positive and tried his best until the end.

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When asked why Dami’s performance was so lacklustre, she said that she “wasn’t expecting to be doing this tonight”.


However, when it came to the judges decisions, Travis was eliminated.

“I think both couples were absolutely terrible for different reasons. I have to pick the best one I think out of them. For me, yes, Dami, awful to begin with you tried to collect yourself. I think the hard choreography lays with the woman in this particular sense. So, for that reason, I’m voting Dami and Shae,” Craig said, making the final decision. 

Viewers have slammed the decision, with many questioning how Dami got through when their decision was supposed to be based purely on their final performance.

“So if you give up before you start you get the pity vote….. wrong person went home,” one viewer commented.


Another added, “In the dance off, he gave his best and tried, unlike Dami who sulked and didn’t even try. Bad call judges.”

Do you think the judges made the right decision?