A Norlane man is furious after being booted from an exit-row seat because of his weight. 

Darren Beales booked an emergency exit row on his Qantas flight from Tullamarine to Brisbane but was told by a hostess that as he needed an extension belt he didn’t fit air regulations. 

“She told me I was required to move due to ‘air regulations’ — but then she turned around and said: ‘next time you can pay for a second seat for half price’,” he said.

“I can fit into the seat fine — I didn’t need a second seat.

“It was fat-shaming … she was rude.”

“I was ready to get off the plane.”

Tigerair, Jetstar and Virgin Australia have the same policy as Qantas and don’t allow anyone that requires an extension belt to sit in an exit row. a

“Were they thinking if I was too big, I wouldn’t be able to give support or help out?

“This was discrimination.”