From Carl Williams to the ‘razor’ gangs of Sydney, the Underbelly series has depicted some of the country’s key players in the criminal underworld for the past 13 years.

The critically acclaimed series is returning in 2022 with a brand new season – Underbelly: Vanishing Act.

“Underbelly returns to Channel 9 in 2022, based on the real-life mystery that captivated the nation,” Channel 9 announced during its 2022 Upfronts yesterday.

The series will tell the story of the bizarre disappearance of Melissa Caddick, the high-roller who allegedly embezzled over $40 million before vanishing into thin air. It’s a mystery that has left Caddick’s family, clients and the police questioning everything they thought they knew about her.

Underbelly: Vanishing Act will feature a cavalcade of Aussie stars including Kate Atkinson (Wentworth, Jack Irish, SeaChange) as Melissa Caddick, Colin Friels (Water Rats, BlackJack, Mystery Road), Tai Hara (Madam Secretary, Home and Away, Hyde & Seek), Maya Stange (Love Child, A Place to Call Home, Wolf Creek, Rake), Ursula Mills (Out of the Blue), and Sophie Bloom (Love Child, Amazing Grace, Reef Break).

Kate Atkinson in Wentworth

Melissa Caddick disappeared on November 12 last year after going for an early morning run the day after corporate watchdog ASIC executed a search warrant at her house


Liquidators say the 49-year-old mother “meticulously and systematically” deceived those who entrusted millions of investment dollars to her over seven years, then used the money to fund her lavish lifestyle.

She was confirmed dead earlier this year after a shoe that contained the remains of her foot was found on a New South Wales south coast beach.

The series is set to air on Nine in 2022.

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