‘Have you ever… ever felt like this?’

Sure, there was Skippy, Mr Squiggle and Young Talent Time… but another TV show that defined some Aussie’s childhoods was Round The Twist.

And it’s headed to Netflix next month, yiewwwww!


The whimsically weird ’90s classic, based on Paul Jennings’ beloved books, is about the Twist family – single dad Tony, twins Linda and Pete, and little brother Bronson – living in a lighthouse.


Each ep was full of all sorts of silly, surreal and supernatural things, I mean, who could forget when Pete put that magic lipstick that made girls kiss him and he fell into a pig pit and, well, you get the idea… or when he urinated on a tree and got pregnant… or when Bronson got a fish stuck up his peen that helped him win the school swimming comp?

The nostalgia marathon kicks off on on May 1.

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