If you missed the return of You Can’t Ask That on the ABC on Wednesday night, we’ve got some great news.

The sixth season of the show which puts outrageous and uncomfortable questions to some of the most marginalised and misunderstood Aussies has just dropped on iView – like the entire season.

And it kicks off with the episode that apparently took years to make.


The producers were looking for cheaters.

“…we were met with a stony silence,” the show notes detailed.

“But finally, here’s a group who bravely take a seat and face possibly the harshest questions ever asked on You Can’t Ask That.”


The notes also revealed the statistic that 70% of marriages will experience an affair, but not all will be found out.

And the first question really set the tone of the episode…

“How could you be such a pig?”


Other episodes include ‘Adult Virgins’, ‘Families of Missing Persons’ and ‘Amputees’.

‘You Can’t Ask That’ is currently on ABC, 9pm Wednesdays or you can binge the whole series right now on iView. 

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