Over the weekend Comic-Con revealed a whole lot of stuff about a whole lot of shows but none more exciting than the highly anticipated Dexter reboot, Dexter: New Blood.

With a new longer teaser, the show is set to premiere on the 7th of November on Showtime!

We already know that he’s run away to a small quaint town, we always know changed his identity and is trying to resist his urges and we already know that he probably fails at that entirely.

Michael C. Hall is reprising his role as Dexter, obviously, because the show would be nothing without him.

Jennifer Carpenter and John Lithgow will also be back as Deb and the Trinity Killer.

The reboot is happening as a response to the negative reviews of how the original series ended, Hall revealed at the Comic-Con panel according to techradar.

“It deserved a better ending. The ending was mystifying at best… confounding, exasperating, frustrating on down the line of negative adjectives.”


So let’s try again and get the ending we all deserve! Including the characters in the iconic show.

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