Last night while watching The Masked Singer we realised that some people are just blessed with many talents.

We mean, Aussie Cricket legend Brett Lee has been recognised as one of the fastest bowlers in the world and has basically torn it up on the cricket pitch, but his talents don’t stop there.

Nope, it turns out that Brett Lee can also SING! And all while disguised beneath an elaborate parrot costume at that!

In case you’re wondering what nonsense we’re rambling about, the former Aussie cricketer was revealed as one of the celebrities on Channel 10’s new show The Masked Singer last night, proving that this competition really is full of absolute insanity. (And we LOVE it!)

Taking to the stage underneath his colourful mask, Brett competed against the spider mask in his battle round.

He sang a true Aussie classic, What’s My Scene by the Hoodoo Gurus. And he did a bloody good job at that, sounding very similar to the original.


Following his performance, the judging panel took a guess at who could be hiding under the mask, with names like Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins, Shane Warne and even Kelly Slater thrown around as possibilities.

But they were shocked to find after the Parrot was voted out that the person behind the mask wasn’t Warnie at all but a different cricketer, Brett Lee!


This show just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Check out Brett’s performance in the video above!

The Masked Singer connives Monday night at 7:30PM on Channel 10!

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