The Sixth & Final Season Of 'Lucifer' Officially Has A Release Date!

Fox tried their best to stamp out the joy that is ‘Lucifer’ with its cancellation back in the day, but Netflix flew in with its angel wings and revived the epic television show.

They’ve finally given us a premiere date for the sixth and final season of the show and, excuse me, I’m getting a bit emotional.

It’s just been such a journey!

They dropped the date and teaser at this year’s virtual Comic-Con over the weekend and it looks like they’re keeping most of their cards close to their chest.

The trailer isn’t like the normal trailers Lucifer drops, which reveals a lot of what’s going to happen in that season.

“We spoil a lot in our trailers and we like to do that because we like everyone talking. But this is the final season,” Tom Ellis (playing Lucifer) told IGN.

“We’re trying to keep our hands really close to the vest. This is the last year that we have secrets [and] can surprise people.”

So the official date? 10th September this year, which will come up in no time.

Check out the teaser below.


You can catch up on seasons 1-5 on Netflix right now!

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