Look, I’ve been a lil’ late to the party here but if you’re a bit stuck for stuff to binge on Netflix and loved The Walking Dead and Black Mirror, you need to switch over to SBS On Demand.

H.G. Wells’ classic War Of The Worlds has been loosely adapted into a TV series, and guys, it’s good.

Starring Gabriel Byrne and Downton Abbey’s Elizabeth McGovern, it’s a dark, bleak and brutal version of earth coming to terms with the realisation and dealing with the aftermath of a sudden alien invasion.

Here’s the trailer to season one:

The series takes place in modern-day Britain and France, so there’s a few sub-titles but don’t let that put you off – it’s mostly in English.

And, without giving anything away, the first time you see one of the aliens… I mean, my eyes went like saucers, it’s 100% unnerving.


Anyway, just when you thought you had dealt with the chaos of season one, SBS is gearing up to drop season two.

Here’s the trailer:

War Of The Worlds, August 18, 9.30pm, SBS

(episodes are expected to follow on SBS On Demand)

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