A Korean man is reportedly getting thousands of unwanted calls after his phone number appeared on the hit Netflix series, Squid Game.

The man told a local news station he’s been getting around 4,000 calls a day since the series premiered on September 17.

He claims most of the calls are from kids who “wanted to be in the game”, the South China Morning Post reported.

In the first episode of Squid Game, a man gives out business cards with an eight-digit number to contestants interested in participating in the survival game.

Netflix is negotiating with the man to resolve the issue.

Meanwhile, South Korean politician, Huh Kyung-young has expressed interest in the number, offering 100 million won ($116,000 AUD) to acquire it.

“I heard that the owner of the phone number showed on a business card in Squid Game is suffering serious damage from prank calls,” Kyung-young wrote in a recent Facebook post. “I would like to buy the number for 100 million won.”


Squid Game is on track to become the most popular Netflix show ever.

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