As the days go by, Australia gets more invested in the current season of Married At First Sight and especially its participants.

One of which is Amanda Micallef, who has been paired with Tash Herz. These two have had one tumultuous relationship and their story has been enough drama to carry the season alone!

Last week, it was revealed that Amanda has or once had a profile on the website StarNow, which can help actors be found by casting agents for gigs. Long story short, Amanda tried her hand at the entertainment industry before landing herself on the biggest dating show in Australia.

We wondered what work the 34-year-old may have done, so we popped her name into YouTube, and it turns out she’s tried her hand out vlogging too on her channel called DIVINE PHYSIQUES TV.

The channel, named after her business, includes exercise videos, podcasts and general fitness tips.


Amanda definitely means business when she wants to get her name out there. You never know, we could be looking at the next Michelle Bridges! Could Tash be missing out?

If you want to check out her channel, go here.

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