A lot can happen between the end of Married At First Sight filming and the filming of the reunion episodes. Just ask Ivan and Aleks.

While they left the show rather abruptly and not on the best of terms in regards to their romantic relationship, here they are sitting on the couch at the reunion telling the experts that they’re in love.

And basically everyone is thinking the exact same thing right now… What is going on? Like did we miss something?

In case you need a refresher, the whole reason Ivan and Aleks left the show early was because Aleks had come to the conclusion that she saw Ivan as nothing more than a friend.

Then when MAFS pot-stirrer Michael said that was bullsh*t because he knew that Aleks and Ivan had slept together, despite Aleks claiming that they hadn’t, Aleks got incredibly worked up and decided to leave the experiment.


Things turned from bad to worse when Michael and fellow MAFS groom Josh said that Ivan was actually the one that asked them to call-out Aleks about the fact that they had slept together.

Basically it seemed like Aleks and Ivan were leaving the experiment as a broken up couple.

But then they returned to the dinner party reunion together a few weeks later. But upon questioning about what exactly they are now, the pair wouldn’t commit to saying they were back together or in a relationship, they were just seeing how things go…

Fast forward one day to Aleks and Ivan sitting at the reunion with the MAFS experts, and now they’re saying that they’re in love with each other? Forgive us for being just slightly confused!


Aleks explained that when she went home without Ivan, it clicked in her brain that she really missed him and that she knew at that moment that she was in love with him.

“We definitely left as friends,” Ivan told the group tonight.

“And what we found when we got home was, I had this light bulb moment, crap I miss him,” Aleks explained. “And that’s when I realised I fell in love with this man so much.”

The look on everyone’s faces in the room as Aleks announces this news says it all…

“I’m so f*cking confused,” adds in Josh under his breath.

“So you’re in love with him?” Dr Trisha asked Aleks.


“I’m 100 per cent in love with him,” she replied. “And it took me exiting the experiment in the real world to realise that.”

Ivan then adds in that they’re still working out whether or not they’re actually in a relationship… Even though they say they love each other? So confusing!

Anyway, we’re super stoked that it looks like another couple may actually last outside of the experiment!

But the other couples weren’t exactly as happy for Ivan and Aleks. In fact, when they returned to the group everyone was looking around at each other and whispering that they thought the pair were faking their relationship.

But if that’s really the case, then what’s the purpose? Why fake a relationship now when the show’s over?

We’re on the more optimistic side and we hope things actually do work out for Ivan and Aleks. We reckon they’re actually a cute couple when you remove all the drama!

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