There have been comparisons last night between new contestant Therese Lum on Masterchef and reigning dessert king Reynold Poernomo.

The 31-year-old analyses data by day and whips up breathtakingly inventive desserts at night and she came to the competition guns-a-blazing last night with her ‘little mushroom’ dessert.

Somehow the ‘amateur’ chef managed to create this masterpiece in 75 minutes, the dish was called ‘Into the Mist’ with the top part of the mushroom made with basil cremeux covered in vanilla mousse!


The thick stem of the mushie was filled with raspberry gel and also covered in vanilla mousse.

The ‘soil’ the mushroom is ‘growing’ out of consists of matcha, pistachio sponge and dark chocolate ‘twigs’.

I must taste!!


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