We all thought she had left to further pursue her education in psychology but apparently, that was not the truth behind why Dr Trisha Stratford left Married At First Sight Australia.

The Daily Mail reported an explosive interview with Woman’s Day New Zealand where Trisha opened up about feeling ‘sick’ about the direction the show had taken a turn in, especially when it came to mental health.

“By the end, I couldn’t compromise my professional and personal standards because there were participants on the show who I felt shouldn’t have been there.”

‘If someone gets through the critical selection process, when we say we don’t want them on the show because they’re quite fragile, they’re not going to do well after the show,’ she said.

Not many of you know, but Dr Trisha used to work as a War Zone Correspondent, so she’s seen some crazy stuff in her life.

So when Trish says it’s bad, it must be bad.

She originally joined the show because it was sold to her as an ‘observational social commentary’ but she felt like it had changed to something different than what she had originally agreed to be apart of.


“The participants we got in season six and seven were so outrageous and outside the norm that it wasn’t what I signed up for… At a couple of dinner parties, I felt sick. I felt in my guts that this wasn’t what I’d want to be watching at home on TV, ” she admitted in a jaw-dropping revelation that only confirmed what a lot of us suspected.

Good for you Trish, you’re smart enough to know when enough is enough and we applaud you!

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