In so many ways, the iconic HBO series The Sopranos is responsible for raising the bar of television and giving us the golden age that we’re living through now.

The original run of the series aired across six seasons in the early 2000s and was incredible TV from end to end.

And since it finished up there have been talks of a sequel or prequel film, mostly because the show’s ambiguous ending left fans thirsty for more New Jersey mob action.

But when the show’s lead actor James Gandolfini – who played the show’s eponymous protagonist Tony Soprano – sadly passed away in 2013, it seemed like any remaining hope of a follow-up film had dimmed.

That was until producers confirmed “The Many Saints of Newark”, a prequel film starring Michael Gandolfini.

And honestly, that could be the most perfect casting in the history of cinema.

The prequel is set during Tony’s adolescent years in 1960s New Jersey and is a story about his introduction to a life of crime and violence.


And while the prequel is obviously not likely to shed any more light on that ambiguous ending from the original series, it should paint us a picture of how exactly Tony Soprano grew up to be such a wonderfully faulted and borderline personality.

Take a watch of the prequel’s trailer here:

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