In a tech-savvy world were just about everything is tracked and recorded, could you slip under the radar and not get caught?

If so, Hunted could be right up your alley… and casting is open.

In the UK version of the hit reality show, contestants go on the run for 25 days while avoiding a team of ‘Hunters’.

Thing is, the Hunters are former and serving police, intelligence personnel, and on-foot teams.

Like Amazing Race, but you’re running from authorities.

“What would you do? Who would you trust? Could you just vanish without a trace?” a casting notice from Endemol Shine Australia asks.


“Hunted is the smash hit real life thriller taking the TV world by storm and now it’s coming to Australia.

“In this heart pounding game of cat & mouse, the goal is simple. Outsmart a team of expert trackers to avoid detection and you could win a huge cash prize.

Contestants can apply in a team of two or on their own.

Keen? Click here to apply!

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