We have heard the term ‘game on molls’ thrown around on reality TV over the last few years, but we’ve got the 2006 season of Big Brother to thank for it.

And in particular, Anna Lind-Hansen. The ex-contestant appeared on the show 14 years ago and was 20 years old at the time. Whilst she was a fan-favourite, she was only in the house for less than a month. I guess her game didn’t work out so well after all.

Having such an impact on the show, it’s not surprising that she was invited on the dedicated The Ben, Rob & Robbo Show Eye on Big Brother to chat about the new reboot – and if you walked past her on the street, you would not recognise her!

In the interview, Lind-Hansen recalled that as she was evicted, fans yelled ‘moll’ out and as she didn’t remember saying it in the house, she thought something was wrong.


“I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, what have I done?’ Then they showed me the footage and it just came out in the heat of the moment.”

It may have been a long time, but thank you for blessing us with your quotes, Anna. Here’s hoping for an all-stars edition!