Train Does Led Zeppelin II, the upcoming album from Train, is due June 3, and the band has released one more track from it to whet your appetite.  It’s a song that longtime fans of the band are very familiar with: “Ramble On.”

In a statement, the band says, “This last song we’re throwing at you from Train Does Led Zeppelin II is one of our absolute favorites, and the one we’ve been covering the longest as a band.”  Train’s been doing “Ramble On” live at their concerts for years and years.

“Ramble On” is the fourth song to be released from the album — they’ve also put out “The Lemon Song,” “What Is and What Should Never Be” and “Thank You.”

Proceeds from Train Does Led Zeppelin II go to Train’s favorite charity, San Francisco’s Family House.  You can pre-order the album now from iTunes and Amazon and get “Ramble On” and three other songs from the disc as instant downloads.  Next week, the band will launch a brief club tour during which they’ll perform Led Zeppelin II in its entirety.


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