The touching, but heartbreaking, moment a police officer comforts a one-month-old baby whose parents had both overdosed has gone viral.

The photo was shared by Alabama Officer Michelle Burton’s husband Brian, who posted the picture on Facebook with a sweet message, praising his wife for her compassion.

According to, police were called to the child’s property after neighbours reported the sound of crying; when the response team arrived they found the mother was unconscious as a result of drug use.

Sadly, the 30-year-old father had already died.

“Last night my wife Michelle Burton told me she would be late getting off work because of [a] call she was on, where the parents of 4 small children had both overdosed,” Mr Burton, who is a sergeant in the the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, wrote.

“Michelle said the father was dead and the mother critical.

“She spent the rest of the night taking care of these babies. She got home at 4 this morning


“I’ve never seen her more beautiful than in this picture.

“What an incredible woman.”

The baby girl and her three siblings, aged seven, three and two, were placed in protective custody, but until social workers had organised foster homes, Mrs Burton made sure they were looked after.


“If anyone knows me, that’s what I love to do,” the eight-year vet told WBRC. “Everyone calls me ‘mamma’ here at the precinct.

“I took all of my equipment off and got the baby and just held her because I know babies like to be held. 

“She slept and slept until she couldn’t sleep anymore.”

While the mother remains in critical condition, South Precinct Lieutenant David Rockett said that “at least one of the parents survived.

“If there’s a silver lining, it’s that.”