In what could be setting a fresh precedent for bands everywhere, hard rockers Tool say that if anyone uses their phone during their show, they’ll be shown the door.

Fans who caught a recent gig in Ohio were sent an email warning them that if they chose to use their phone during the show, it would result in being booted without a refund.

“We respectfully request that you please watch and listen to the show, not your phone,” the email, published by Metal Injection, said.

“You will be ejected from the show without the opportunity to return and without a refund if you violate this simple request and elect to take photos during the performance.

“In the event of a personal emergency, phone use may occur on the concourse away from the performance area.”

A couple of years ago, about 60 people were turfed from A Perfect Circle gig for being on their phones.

Just as well this Tool fan waited until the end of the gig before unwittingly getting Eddie Van Halen to take his pic.

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