Tony Abbott has blamed a hangover for mistaking the identity of Sunrise host David Koch, who he is interviewed by regularly on the show, calling him ‘Chris’ not once but twice a couple of weeks ago.

The PM was already having a tough week copping a major hit in the polls when he copped a grilling from Kochie. A struggling Abbott not only stumbled over his words on co-payments and university fees, but managed twice to mix up the host’s name.

This morning on Sunrise Kochie revealed the PM’s confession that the Christmas party was to blame. “I saw him the other night and he came up and he goes ‘g’day Chris’, and he apologised,” Kochie said on the show this morning. “He said I was a bit hungover because we had our staff Christmas party the night before.”

Treasurer Joe Hockey also joined in the fun, carrying on the joke in a later segment also calling Kochie by his new nickname. “Good to see you Kochie … Chris … Kochie,” he signed off after a heated segment discussing the GST.

Did you have your staff Christmas party last night as well?” Kochie joked.

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