A week ago, incredible footage emerged of Aussie grandmother Toni Doherty saving a koala from the Long Flat bushfire near Port Macquarie. 

Toni was captured saving the innocent creature using the shirt off her back, and subsequently rushing him to Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. Due to his extensive burns, he was sadly put down a few days later.

Yesterday, Amanda Keller broke the news, and the emotion the loss of Lewis had on all of us.

“I wept as I read it yesterday and I’m trying to work out why I was so affected by it,” she said.

“And I think it’s because Lewis and how we feel symbolises all the hopelessness that we feel at the moment, the powerlessness that we feel.”


She added: “It feels like with our droughts, with our fires, with our smoke haze, with our storms, catastrophic weather, that we’re heading towards some kind of apocalypse.

“I think with these crazy [weather] extremes, our country doesn’t feel like it used to, it feels scary at the moment.

“People want help, they want guidance, they want action, and they’re just not getting it.

“And I’m so sorry we couldn’t save him. I’m crying now, but I just felt this sense of despair, and I’m an optimistic person.”

Overnight, we received a letter from Toni Doherty’s daughter, Phoebe, expressing her appreciation for Amanda’s tribute.


Hear Phoebe’s incredible letter below: