If you’re as obsessed with true crime as I am then you’ll have watched the docuseries ‘The Staircase’ which was filmed over 2004-2018 with all 13 episodes uploaded to Netflix in 2018 where most of us would have watched it.

Well now HBO has signed off for a dramatised version with the same name starring Colin Firth as Michael Peterson himself and Toni Collette as wife Kathleen Peterson.

HBO’s version will have 8 episodes and follow the story of novelist Michael Peterson from the day he called the cops because his wife has ‘fallen down the stairs’ and died to the trial perhaps?

We’re still waiting for more information to find out how much of his story they will include, but the original docu-series is absolutely chock-a-block of insane twists that’ll have you flip-flopping on whether you think Peterson did it or not.

HBO got the rights to the series in March so we’re probably not going to see it until 2022 unfortunately, but the cast is well worth waiting for!

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