If you thought #planking was ludicrous, brace yourselves: people are now stripping off and folding over specifically to look like a frozen chook. Yep. The craze’s hashtag is, aptly, #frozenchook.

According to the Huffington Post, who spoke with the New Zealand-based ‘founders’ of #frozenchook, it began at ‘six in the morning after a big night.’ To be fair, the best ideas usually do. Apparently one of them got a call from another mate who was coming home from a party and asked them to try and find him in 30 seconds. ‘I’m sure you can guess what we found 30 seconds later in the middle of the hallway.’

Our guess, something like this:

#frozenchook full of knowledge on how to keep it clutch

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Since the viral doing-of-things-for-no-real-reason took off, people have become creative with the raw-chickening of themselves…


Frozen chook! #frozenchook

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Sunday roast #frozenchook

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According to the Frozen Chook HQ People, ‘There is no perfect form. However, we recommend fetal position, on your knees, arms tucked in like chicken wings.’  Got it. 

Source: Huffington Post

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