A new domestic violence campaign was launched on Monday, and the message it delivered is a confronting and powerful one.

It warns teenagers against violent behaviours, with the campaign titled “You Can’t Undo Violence” and it asks young people to know where to draw the line with their actions.

The campaign comes only days after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced $100 million in new funding to be dedicated to domestic violence in Australia.

“Research commissioned by Our Watch found that 1 in 4 young people aged 12 to 24 hold attitudes that put them at risk of perpetrating, excusing or tolerating violence against women,” said Paul Linossier, chief executive officer of Our Watch, a not-for-profit organisation that created the campaign.

The minute-long video shows a boy trying to remove a tattoo across his back, the images interlaced with footage of him with his teen girlfriend.

They have a heated exchange at the train station before he reaches out and she recoils

“I tried to say I’m sorry. I tried to hide it,” he says.


“But everyone knows,” the boy says as he is pictured sitting in a room labelled ‘Clear Line’ tattoo removal.

“She p****d me off so I hit her” is jaggedly tattooed into his back.

Theline.org.au is hoping to influence teenagers with this message, providing tools to teenagers, parents and teachers about the issue.

H/T Daily Mail

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