Almost two decades since it’s first instalment, it seems that another 28 Days Later is in the works.

The original 2002 film follows Jim (Cillian Murphy), a courier who wakes up in an abandoned hospital 28 days after a zombie invasion has decimated civilisation.

It’s considered the movie that set off a run of zombie flicks in the early 2000s.

The sequel – 28 Weeks Later – was released 5 years later.

Filmmaker Danny Boyle is again teaming up with Alex Garland, who wrote the first film.

“Alex Garland and I have a wonderful idea for the third part,” Boyle told the Independent.

“It’s properly good.”


He went on to say “the original film led to a bit of a resurgence in the zombie drama and it doesn’t reference any of that. It doesn’t feel stale at all. He’s concentrating on directing his own work at the moment, so it’s stood in abeyance really, but it’s a you-never-know.”

Garland had previously said a third instalment would most likely be set a couple of years after the second movie.

“It’s more likely to be 28 Months than 28 Years. 28 Years gives you one more place to go. 28 Decades is probably taking the piss,” he told IGN.

We’ll keep you posted.







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