The one-off Friends reunion is just days away, and to be honest, we don’t really care exactly what happens in it, we’re just excited see the gang back together again for the first time.

And while tiny nuggets of info about the special have spilled out, we still don’t know exactly what to expect.

What we do know is that you can plan on seeing a whole bunch of almost-forgotten side characters being wheeled out to reminisce about the iconic sitcom.

Expect to see Janice (aka Maggie Wheeler), Richard (aka Tom Selleck!), Rachel’s sister Jill (aka Reese Witherspoon) and Elliott Gould.

Of course, they’ll also be welcoming back Monica and Ross’s parents, Gunther and Joey’s identical hand twin, but that last one goes without saying…

The stars are being brought out for the event too with Cara Delevingne, Lady Gaga, David Beckham, Justin Bieber, Mindy Kaling, Cindy Crawford, Malala Yousafazi and BTS all rumoured to make appearances.

And, of course, the whole thing is compered by Late Late Show James Corden, so it’s guaranteed to be absolutely star-studded!

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