According to The Wash, Channel Nine has ordered up one serving of Married At First Sight All-Stars, a spin-off short series that will air before the next season.

According to the publication, it’s going to be a two-parter featuring former contestants to relive the ‘glory days’.

It sounds more like a reunion special rather than an ‘All-Stars’ season, but call it what you want Channel Nine.

You can expect cast members from season 1 all the way to season 7 as well as the couples that are still together after having met on the show will drop by to share their thoughts.

The spin-off is expected to start production in the next week and here’s who’s rumoured to be on the cast.

-Jules Robinson & Cameron Merchant (S6)

-Erin Bateman & Bryce Mohr (S2)


-Martha Kalifatidis & Michael Brunelli (S6)

-Dean Wells (S5)

-Tracey Jewel (S5)

-Jessika Power (S6)

-Ines Basic (S6)

-Mike Gunner (S6)


-Cyrell Paule (S6)

-Patrick Miller (S5)

-Charlene Perera (S5)

-Cheryl Maitland (S4)

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