What do The Who’s Roger Daltrey and Beyonce have in common, other than both being singers? Could be a lot more than that, depending on Daltrey himself. In a recent video interview with GulfNews TV, Daltrey was asked for his opinion about several contemporary pop and rock artists, including Beyonce, and he reported that he’s actually considering recording one of her songs. “Class,” Daltrey declared when the pop/R&B superstar’s name was mentioned. “I’m making a solo album at the moment and I’m toying with doing one of her own songs – a Beyonce song, just kind of changing the lyrics a bit and put it in the male.” Daltrey also addressed recent comments he made in the press about U.K. boy band One Direction, in which he apparently implied that he thought the group’s music would not be considered significant over time. Roger explained that he’d been “rather misquoted with One Direction,” and that he hadn’t been attacking the band. “They’ve done incredibly well, and you can’t knock that, that they’ve become the biggest pop band in the world,” the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer stressed. “We were a pop band once, and there’s nothing wrong with that…but I don’t know what music will have significance in the future.” The 70-year-old singer also put his two cents in about Justin Bieber and his recent troubles. “What a shame. The boy needs help,” said Daltrey, then addressed Bieber directly, saying, “Justin, give me a call, otherwise you’re gonna end up like Keith Moon, and it’ll be ‘Goodnight, Vienna,’ and I’ve lost too many friends. You don’t need to go. You’ve got a lot to offer.” Daltrey also commented briefly about Taylor Swift, whom he called a “good country artist” and a “good-looking girl,” and Kings of Leon, which he said are a “good” American rock ”n’ roll band. Lastly, Roger was asked to share his thoughts on the oft-maligned Coldplay. He praised Chris Martin’s melodies and said that the sound that the band created “was totally original in its day,” but noted that he isn’t a fan of Martin’s stage antics. “I just wish he wouldn’t run around so much on the stage, because it takes away from the music. It doesn’t make the music stronger. It weakens it,” Daltrey maintained. “He doesn’t need to do it. When did you ever see Elvis run on the stage?” Roger added that he has the same criticism of Mick Jagger. “Stop it!” he declared. “Stand still and dance.” The Who launch the U.K. leg of its 50th anniversary tour on Sunday in Glasgow, Scotland. Hit play to see video of the interview with Daltrey.

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