Did you know there’s a day for nearly everything in the calendar? If you like something, chances are someone has made it a special event, and this weekend is one of our favourites; National Rocky Road Day.

That means this Sunday, the 2nd of June is the perfect excuse for busting out the Rocky Road and relishing in the sweet, delicious flavours.

One of the best things about Rocky Road is that it’s incredibly easy to make. There’s no complicated steps, it takes like 5 minutes to make, and tastes so good. To celebrate this year’s National Rocky Road day, Woolworths ambassador and Oh So Busy Mum blogger, Cheree Lawrence, has come up with the ultimate rocky road. Sure it isn’t exactly the traditional recipe you might be used to but that’s another one of the best things about Rocky Road – it’s so simple and so easy to customise. Check out her recipe;


What you’ll need

•    1 packet milk chocolate melts


•    1 packet Woolworths Rocky Road Mallows Biscuits (chopped)

•    ½ cup mini baking marshmallows

•    ½ cup peanut m&m’s

•    ½ cup baking Smarties

•    ½ cup Maltesers

•    Sprinkles for the topping



How to make it

1.    Melt chocolate in the microwave for around 30 seconds making sure you stir it every 10 seconds.  

2.    Mix in all the remaining ingredients together.

3.    Allow to set in the fridge for 30 minutes and slice.


According to Cheree, the hardest part of the recipe is just trying not to eat too many slices (followed in close second by melting the chocolate, so in other words it’s crazy easy). If 30 minutes is too long to wait you can also grab some extra Rocky Road Mallows from Woolworths for $1.65 a pack to tide you over while your amazing custom Rocky Road sets in the fridge.

Want to have a go customising further? Try throwing in some of your favourite lollies to mix up those flavours. I would say “the world is your oyster” but I don’t want to delude you in to thinking oyster will work in Rocky Road.

National Rocky Road day might be Sunday but I know I won’t be limiting myself to just having this just for the one weekend!

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