Looks like we’ve got ourselves another reality TV cross-over!

Channel Seven’s reality show, The Super Switch: Group Therapy, aired it’s first episode last night and one of the guys is definitely familiar!

The show focuses on helping to fix the problems in six different relationships by making the couples split up and live in an experimental relationship with a stranger.

Similar to The Seven Year Switch, when the couple face struggles in their real relationship or their fake one, all six couples come together to discuss it in a group therapy-style session.

So yeah pretty much, as you’d expect, it’s a drama-fest.


During the first episode last night we met each of the couples taking part and one in particular caught our eye.

34-year-old Ben and his 27-year-old girlfriend of one year Christie, have entered the show after facing struggles relating to Ben’s work and party habits, but it turns out Ben is no stranger to our TV screens.

Back in 2016, Ben was one of the men vying for Georgia Love’s heart on The Bachelorette on Channel 10!

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Ben made a pretty short appearance on Georgia’s season but became memorable because he was the guy who admitted he’d done “three nervous poos” before meeting the Bachelorette at the mansion.


Speaking with Now To Love, Ben admitted that it was his experience on The Bachelorette that encouraged him to enter The Super Switch in order to address his relationship issues.

“I just wanted her to also experience it,” he said. “It was like an amazing emotional journey. It was so surreal and you know it was like an exciting time – doing media and just the production and everything.”

He also explained that he and Christie have been facing trouble in their relationship as he’s struggling to get over his party boy faze.

“Christie is more focused than me on settling,” he said.

As for what he’s learned about being on a reality TV show since the first time around, it seems he’ll be thinking before speaking this time.

“Maybe don’t go on and let the first line I talk be about poo,” he laughed.


You can watch Ben and Christie’s journey on The Super Switch on Channel Seven, Tuesdays at 7:30pm.

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