Aussie legend Kamahl has opened up about his split from his wife of 55 years, Sahodra, in a tell-all interview with A Current Affair.

The 87-year-old revealed that his addiction to social media prompted his wife to leave him.

“I was isolated with my computer,” he admitted before revealing that he would spend up to five hours a day on social media.

He added, “I’m consumed with politics. I’m tweeting from morning until night, and I’m paying a terrible price for it.”

Kamahl also explained that his wife struggled to come to terms with his fame and him spending up to six months a year away from home.

“I think she was sick and tired, and frustrated,” he said.


While he is devastated by the split, he made it clear that he doesn’t hold any animosity towards his wife, saying “‘she is the saint, I am the sinner.”

Kamahl and Sahodra share two children, musician Rajan, 52, and singer Rani, 50, who is married and living in Singapore. They also share a granddaughter, Isabelle Flynn.

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